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We love smartphones, especially if they are android and made by Samsung! Generally we follow up with every android-running gadget releases from Samsung authored brands around the globe. What brings us together at cellwebtar.com is this unique passion for android technology common in us all.

One of our authors said “before I got a smartphone of my own, I used to research a lot about new phones, top phones, best budget phones from the internet. I consider the best phone as one that really does not compromise tech-wise but with a savvy battery back-up for heavy use.” Now this is hard to come by with a cheap price tag if you agree with him.

It really interests us to see every release of a smartphone with a newer version of android! Because then there will be a new device with a completely new specs sheet, that incorporates flawless designs with faster processors and edge-cutting new technologies into a favorite handset. Samsung has been a dominant player in the market for a long time, penetrating every continent, and it is not about to give up. So are we too!

As the future of smartphone technology is continually shaping every single day, we are honored to do our best and bring you information about new and favorite devices from Samsung. If you are in the same category as we are, then jump aboard and lets dig into the Samsung smartphone world!