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During the recent Mobile Choice Consumer Awards (MCA), the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was voted best phone of the year, a highly coveted spot looking at several devices from many manufacturers. MCA annually gives the general public a chance to vote for any phones, tablets, or networks they have loved that year.  Well, this time, they made Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of the year.

If I say that Samsung has had a rough end of this year, would I be right? You will definitely say yes, and that’s true indeed. The Galaxy Note 7’s battery issues had Samsung make global recalls in August, a move that has significantly affected sales of the device and other smartphones from the Korean company. And who knows, we might see the complete end of the phablet due to continued safety issues from recent reports. Luckily, the S7 Edge has on the other hand outlived such safety concerns.

If it wasn’t for that, this year would have clearly gone down in the Note’s favor. But we are not here to talk about the woes of the Note 7. We do have the gorgeous Galaxy S7 Edge as the reigning champ, which may now turn out to be some sort of big Sam’s organic Plan B.

With the MCA awards, the public showed a relatively needed trust in the manufacturer by voting Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone. It is the 16th year the MCA returned, and it was specifically a good thing for Samsung, who also scooped best manufacturer of the year, beating stiff competition from other manufacturers such as Apple and Motorola.

So how is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016? Easy! The device is truly superb; it is the current best smartphone in the world! That’s what any user would say. From beauty, shine and premium finish quality to top-of-the-line features and raw processing power, the S7 Edge has got it all. It certainly can’t hold this top spot for no reason. Users have gone awash with it since its release date in March 2016. So it generally won the hearts of fans! As easy as that.

My opinion how the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016 makes sense:

Five selling ingredients have worked in the device’s favor in almost 7 months down the road, leveraging its ground against rivals: cool body design, great display, great camera, feature additions and top-of-the-line performance. Without mention, user satisfaction also comes atop the ingredient list of the smartphone’s success. Samsung decided not to overlook the microSD card and IP68 protection certification missing in the Galaxy S6 to, this attracted more users to buy the device. The device is an overall performance bot, with a killer body design and display. It houses top-notch feature capabilities in its cute 5.5” dual-edge curved screen. I also know that one of the most impressive camera smartphone is actually the S7 Edge. All these helped make other rival phones less interesting after the official unveiling of the S7 Edge. There you have it: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016!

See the real plot in the next paragraphs.


You will agree that the ergonomic design and premium build quality further answers the question: how is the Galaxy S7 Edge best device? Galaxy S7 Edge features a big screen in slim design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. First things first, the device housed a lovable metal frame and Gorilla Glass 4 lined front and back panels. It was like Samsung picked up from the Galaxy S6 Edge popularity to add to the S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phoneGalaxy S7 Edge Back: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone

Samsung has been curving screens onto phones for two years now and it has turned to be more than just a marketing point, people love these designs nowadays. Not only the front panel is curved, the back glass panel is too, making the device quite easy to pick up from a flat surface – at least relatively, because I know glass isn’t that ‘grippy’ at all. Besides that, you will also need to take extra care of the shiny but slippery glass covered body.

The smartly designed phone had an intention to attract lookers. It brought a clean polished, well-knit design aided by striking color shades introduced early this year. Users are able to choose from the glittering silver and gold, to the shiny black color, making the device appear inky, gorgeous and refined with just the correct amount of reflectivity.

Well, what most users were thankful for, was the return of the IP68 waterproofing and dust protection missing in the Galaxy S6. Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge didn’t add any extra flaps or covers which would ruin the clean polished looks. May be it is a common thing in flagship smarts today, but users did not take it for granted. The ability to withstand up to 30 minutes under a meter and a half of water and the dust protection are slowly becoming a standard requirement to satisfy users. Samsung did not want to disappoint by overlooking this again since the Galaxy S5.

Great display

Galaxy S7 Edge Galaxy S7 Edge: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone

This is the real deal, making the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016. The superb 5.5” Ultra-HD Super AMOLED curved dual-edge screen sits at the front. It is a one-of-a kind display that makes it an overkill for competitors in this category. With 1440 x 2560 resolution, 534 ppi and always-on display; many customers feel they have more than sufficient to keep them both satisfied and not looking at competition, especially with the creativity brought by the curved screen.

In fact, the goodness of Samsung’s traditional Super AMOLED displays needs no mention to loyal customers. Color accuracy, sunlight contrast and screen brightness are better when compared to the Galaxy S7 or other competition. In August, the Galaxy S7 edge had the Note 7 to beat after Displaymate released test results of the latter’s superiority. Following recent reports, if Samsung makes another recall of the replacement devices, we can steer clear off the failing Note 7, until the next Galaxy S8 line-up is released next year.

The 5.5” size specialty that most manufacturers are veering into is one of the most popular screen-size niches. Many flashy users have rather opted for the big screen that’s not too big, and the general nice thing about smartphones is that everything gets a lot better with a bigger screen. Talk about messaging, playing games, watching video, reading articles, browsing the web, you name it.


The public also seemed to love the powerhouse in the S7 Edge during these 7 months. For an exceptionally competitive device, Samsung upgraded everything inside the Edge and in all other S7s too; including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Active.

Armed with either of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 capable processors and 4GB of RAM, users have had no trouble multitasking, gaming, playing video, or any other task with the S7 Edge. Together, these have made the phone a fast and responsive device that is ready for anything needed to be done. Some users have, however, have experienced a slight delay with speed of the fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button, comparing to other lightning-quick scanners on the iPhone 6S or Nexus 5X.


The 12 MP dual pixel rear camera with Phase Autofocus technology for faster shooting is another hugely selling point of this modern smartphone. Samsung built upon last year’s already excellent camera of the Galaxy S6, but made it easy to launch using the brilliant double-press on the home button feature and also introduced fast focusing. I clearly understand what The Verge meant giving the S7 Edge a title as the ‘one of the most impressive camera smartphones.’ So who can live without a camera in their phone nowadays? None! At least anyone would rather run to the budget section if you felt the Edge is expensive. Its camera obviously made the hearts of the public tick. You take out the camera and pit it against competition, you get one result: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone this year.

Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

With dual-pixel autofocus technology, each pixel on the S7 Edge’s rear sensor acts as an autofocus point. So the camera is able to quickly focus on a subject and adjust as it moves. It was a newly introduced gimmick in the S7 line-up back then and it sure captured headlines. The effect is most noticeable when shooting video.

The camera is also able to capture images with low light. It has Optical Image Stabilization and can record 4K video packed with details. Worth mentioning here! In the end the camera produces bright, sharp and detailed images to the delight of users.

Other selling features

The big battery! With 3600 mAh battery, the S7 Edge provided for heavy users their much needed ampleness. They can last for a full day or even more. If you buy the wireless charging unit, you won’t be waiting for your phone’s battery to charge. Wireless charging will keep you on the go. Galaxy S7 Edge powers up from 0 to 100% in a comparably short time to keep you going. Users also now know that with Quick Charge 2.0, they can power up to 60% in just 30 minutes. What seems apparent to most users of the S7 Edge is foregoing a user replaceable battery. It is unfair to want a removable unit in a waterproof device. I guess users have been living with this fact quite comfortably.

Galaxy S7 Edge

I can’t forget to mention of the returned microSD card expansion up to 256GB missing in the S6 line-up. This alone could have led to changes in customer decisions to a significant level. Smartphones are mini computers for many of us today, besides the fun they offer. So, I would definitely buy a phone with the same reasoning of ability to expand storage.

Finally, we will mention of the standard LTE Cat.9 capabilities that could have helped the S7 Edge up this ladder.

So there you go, five stars to Samsung and to the Galaxy S7 Edge! They did a great job in perfecting an already award-winning timepiece across the globe. Competition is truly growing out there, but again my heart won’t waver: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016!

Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Otherwise, go grab yourself a Galaxy S7 Edge!

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