Every feature of this newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is worth talking about. From its sleek thin metal frame design that lies between two curved Gorilla Glass 5 panels, IP68 rating that certifies water resistance and dust protection, the superb 5.7’’ QHD Super AMOLED touch screen, the new S Pen and Samsung’s best camera. All these and more of its features place the device in an outright top spot. See detailed specifications here.

Galaxy Note 7 Blue Coral

Galaxy Note 7 Gold Platinum

Galaxy Note 7 Silver Titanium

Galaxy Note 7 Black Onyx






The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is this year new model phablet, a legacy that Samsung has continued to champion every new year by releasing a top flag bearer device in this category. After 5 generations, the Galaxy Note series has evolved with time, with every device being refined to perfection, now especially for the Note 7.

Earlier, Samsung made clear the reason for the jump from Galaxy Note 5 to release the Note 7, saying that they wanted to level the ground for this year’s line of 7 S series line of devices (S7 and S7 Edge). As the 6th generation phablet (or should we call it 7th generation now?) is released this month, Samsung has certainly headed in the right direction as a leader of this popular range of large screen devices. Let’s dig into major highlights of the newly refined Samsung Galaxy Note 7!


Galaxy Note 7 Design

Overall, the device looks like a bigger brother of its sibling the Galaxy S7 Edge. Its edges are slightly softened though this could not hide the general angled appearance. Samsung continues to use the matte glass design in this device too; its metal frame holds two panels of the new Gorilla Glass 5 and with the slim, narrow design and the good touch feel you can comfortably hold the device in the palm of your hand.

The phone comes in three major color schemes. Blue Coral option is really a welcome addition combining different shades of sky blue and gold. There are also the Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Oryx Black editions.

This sleek body is fully IP68 Certified to counter against water and dust, a first attempt in any phablets from Samsung. Therefore, you can use the device underwater below 1 meter from the surface for about 30 minutes without having to worry about water entering into your handset.

The Display Screen

Galaxy Note 7 UI

Unlike the flat screen of the Note 5, the new Galaxy Note 7 features a curved screen. The big screen maintains a 5.7” QHD Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that adds more brilliance on top.

First the display is softly curved on both sides as a dual edge screen, and as usual you can access by a single swiping of the finger all your contacts, notification, emails and much more. Thus, Note 7 incorporates certain qualities of the previous Note 5 even many qualities, such as a comprehensive detailed body crafting technology and double-curved landing screen.

S Pen

Galaxy Note 7 Hands On

Even more classic is the S Pen stylus. It is clear that each generation S Pen will always be upgraded with every upgrade of the Note itself. This new generation of the S Pen upgrade enables you to write, draw and edit as usual. But it can also translate text, take scrolling screen shots, and even create GIFs. You can leave your texts in the always-on screen mode.

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Visual

It measures 108.0mm in length, which is slightly shorter than the Note 5’s, the tip is also more fine at just 0.7mm and weighing only 3g. This means that you can write texts or draw more precisely and accurately, more like the normal book pens. The top click button is used for ejecting the pen from its port.

Special features unique to the S Pen and the Digitizer are the ability to recognize about 4096 pressure levels for improved sensitivity, click to erase unwanted text or drawings feature and the ability to take longer notes with an added scroll capability.

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen

This time you can also write with your S Pen while underwater or even when the screen is wet. The unified app suite is now called Samsung Notes, and it comes with software to translate and magnify text. As indicated earlier, it is really coo to be able to turn a selected video, or portion of it, into a GIF of up to 15 seconds.

Iris recognition

As a security measure you can now scan your iris to securely access your device with the Iris Scanner at the front estate of the device, which for best results, should be held at eye level. This wasn’t crafted into the device at the expense of the fingerprint sensor, you still get to choose between the Iris Scanner and the Fingerprint sensor freely. In terms of accuracy and convenience, many users may adopt (prefer?) the Iris scanner.


Galaxy Note 7 Back

A 12 MP dual pixel sensor sits at the back of the device, the same unit found in the Galaxy S7 together with the 5 MP selfie camera located at the front. Obviously, the rear camera has OIS and captures great quality photos and 4K videos. It’s arguably one of the best accurate autofocus cameras you will ever find today. Samsung says the Note’s camera allows in 95% more light than the Note 5, an ability that enables it to take great images in low light.


There are a bunch of additions that make the Note 7 dominate different fields of business, gaming and multimedia functionality. First the Note 7 now has a v3.1 Type C reversible connector, another first in the history of Samsung. So you can connect it directly to the Gear VR without need of a swappable connector.

Virtual reality gear is becoming popular these days. You can also purchase the S Pen separately for instance for a replacement, Note 7 S-View flip cover and the 10.2 USB-C Battery pack, among many other accessories, some of which are shown below.


Gear VR

Gear VR Galaxy Note 7


USB-C Battery pack

Galaxy Note 7 Fast ChargeShop at Amazon


Gear IconX as workout partner for active listening

Gear IconXBuy from Amazon


Gear S2 Smartwatch

Gear S2 ClassicFrom $300 at Amazon


Fast wireless charger

Galaxy Note 7 Wireless ChargerFrom $42 at Amazon

Please don’t hesitate letting us know what you like or what you don’t like about the Galaxy Note 7 in the comments below.


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